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Half Cut Market

Casa Belfi, Bianco Bio Frizzante; Veneto, Italy NV

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Lemon sherbet + pear

Cloudy, natural style of Prosecco called Col Fondo. Col Fondo literally translates ‘with the bottom’ aka the lees or dead yeast cells left over from fermentation in the bottle. This style of winemaking outside of Italy is more commonly known as Pet Nat. Because the lees are not filtered the wine presents as cloudy. Made from 100% Glera, the Prosecco variety. The estate is based in San Polo di Piave, Trevisio - ‘where the river meets the sea’. In Veneto, Prosecco heartland. Biodynamically farmed. Aged in stainless steel tanks and fermented using indigenous yeasts. No added sulphur.

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