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Bubbles, Darling! -- Wine Tasting on 12/4/22

Bubbles, Darling! -- Wine Tasting on 12/4/22

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When he first made a sparkling wine, Dom Pérignon is said to have called to his colleagues: 'come quickly, I am drinking the stars'

You can drink all sorts of stars at our latest tasting: Bubbles, Darling! We'll try 4 different styles of sparkling wine, from classic Champagne, to the more natural Pet Nat style. Find out the differences in styles, what you should expect them to taste like and what makes each of them special.

Bubbles, Darling! Kicks off at 7pm sharp on Tuesday 12th of April. Tickets include 4 glasses of sparkling wine, a load of knowledge from our in-house sommelier Holly Willcocks, and plenty of stars.

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