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Half Cut Market

Empirical @ Half Cut Market - Tasting 24/2/22

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Empirical is a flavour company from Copenhagen - they apply culinary and scientific innovations to create freeform spirits and cocktails. Over the years, they've tried distilling everything they came across; roast chicken skin, oysters, Doritos, you name it. The end results are some of the most singular, evocative & flavourful drinks we've ever had the pleasure of sampling.

We are lucky enough to have Michael Knowles from Empirical joining us for a guided tour through their universe, sampling a range of their spirits and mixed drinks before jumping behind our bar & pouring cocktails for the rest of the night.

We're offering free tickets for the tasting, which will run from 7-8pm, to help manage numbers and then the rest of the evening is first come first served. 

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